August Wrap-Up

I admit it. My blog sucks right now. I haven’t posted substantial content in a while, and I haven’t really read much this month because I moved to a small town for college. The school library only has texts for class, and no fiction that I’ve seen, not even Shakespeare!

So in August I posted:

Books I Brought To College                                                                                                                  Courage To Write Quotes                                                                                                                      Game Of Thrones-Book Review                                                                                                          Drop

I enjoyed writing the Game Of Thrones review the most. It made me critically think about GOF, let me practice for still-essay-less college, and dragons.


The Bloggess continues to make me smile. I love this quote from Writer’s Path, Ilsa posted on blog satisfaction and Holly posted a long overdue post on non-fiction.

While going through my reader I found Ravenclaw’s Book Unhaul.She has strange opinions about some good books. (Doesn’t love Looking For Alaska-that was the one Green I loved), but I love that she spoke her opinions so bluntly.

Psst.. I’m reading Lord Of The Rings I’ve never read it before. Why? Oh… I get stuck at the songs. This also happened with The Hobbit, but I managed to read it thrice. I’ve read up to the Tom Bombadil scene and just lose it. Tom Bom Tom Bombadil Tom Bomadilo Bright Blue his jacket is and his boots are yellow It’s like that song that is nonsense but people sing it every time it comes on anyway.

I couldn’t decide on a gif that fits, so I just selected all of my Sherlock gifs and added some more. #lazy

How was your August? How do you get books in a town with a malnourished library? What are you thoughts on books with songs? Should I talk about something other than Sherlock? (If I should I won’t)



8 thoughts on “August Wrap-Up

  1. The library has NO FICTION? Can that be? How is that even a library? I cannot imagine what that must be like. I have never been in a library that was so malnourished, so I do not know how to help. I suppose you can try to make friends with humans who own large quantities of books. Or you could just find out who owns good books and then steal them in the middle of the night. Though I would not encourage that course of action.
    You are reading The Lord of the Rings for the first time? That is so exciting! The Lord of the Rings is essentially my favorite trilogy in the world, though I can totally understand losing interest at the songs and Tom Bombadil. I do like a lot of the songs personally, but the length of most of them is perhaps too much. There are times when I think an editor might have been useful. But I still adore it. Don’t give up!
    My August was actually pretty spectacular, (until college happened). I did a lot of reading, a lot of writing, and a lot of blogging. Basically life was perfect. Then I had to come back to reality. I guess we all have to do that sometimes.


    1. I just found out my roommate has a copy of Heart Of Darkness, which I’ve never read *gasp*. I hope she lets me borrow it after I walk the evergoing road that is LOTR. The school library has all of these reference books that I only use for half my classes cause in Journalism the only required reading is the news. The town has a library, but I haven’t been there yet cause it’s closed on weekends, curse you, library management!
      I do like the songs, though. So much that the rest of the books used to be unreadable in comparison. Happy reading!

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