Snakes In Fiction

 Snakes are one of many underrated character types, possibly because of ophidiophobia, possibly because of the human tendency to believe that your species is the best species. It’s probably the latter, as minority characters aren’t as apparent as white girls. Other character types, such as Death, aliens, etc., are usually not the main character.  Shout out to atypicalnarratives’  Trees In Fiction!   

But that doesn’t mean they aren’t necessary. if it weren’t for snakes,

zoo harrypotterdiagon

  1. Harry Potter? There’d be no Harry Potter. NO HARRY POTTER! Even FB had occammies.

ahh!2. What would Medusa look like? Strictly this is history,  not fiction, but she is portrayed in a number of books, the immediate Percy Jackson comes to mind.  


download (10)3. Remember this guy? Kaa from Jungle Book.


images (18)

4. Master Viper from Kung Fu Panda. A warrior can be feminine! Who doesn’t like viper? Oh, snake haters.

download (11)

5. Yep, fiction. Probably. Cleopatra is long said to have been bitten by a poisonous cobra, but it’s unlikely to have actually happened. Snakes preserve their venom for times of acute danger, and a large, yet variable, percent of snakebites are dry. (non-venomous.)

How are you felling about snakes? Are there any other snakes I’m not listing?


6 thoughts on “Snakes In Fiction

  1. I love snakes in fiction! They make stories so much more interesting (as do most other animals as well). I’m getting an image of a tiny snake that wraps around someone’s hand . . . but I can’t remember what book it was. ARGH

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  2. I’ve been in gun fights, artillery strikes, had to disarm people with knives and even stood down a mob once, but the single most courageous thing I ever did involved a snake. First and foremost, I’m terrified of them – ‘Nuff said.

    I was in my senior year in college and was taking a course in TV production to help keep the old GPA up there. Needless to say, I really enjoyed it. But I was helping another student produce a piece on one of our Biology Profs. We went over her to her house where she had all kinds of cool animals to include a thirteen foot Python.

    She takes the damn thing, while I’m filming. out of it’s cage and set’s it down. Needless to say, it’s fascinated by the bright light on my camera and is slowly crawling towards me. So here I am, I keep filming the interview, and watching the stinking snake ( which incidentally decided that my camera bag was a really nice place to curl up and watch things). Al the while every fiber of my being is telling me to run out the backdoor shrieking in terror.

    I stood my ground, we got the interview, and we all got a passing grade.

    Personally, I think I deserved a medal for holding my ground.

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