Book Appreciation: Boxcar Children

 Yes, I know it’s HP’s big 2-0, but even thought I used to have nightly dreams where Sirius Black was my father for two years, it’s not the only book series that made me. I want to give a shout out to all the book (series) that impacted me.


 The first one came out in 1924. There are over 150 titles, and no, I didn’t read them all. Blame limited library funds. The ones I particularly remember are The Boxcar Children, The Cereal Box Mystery, and The Secret Of The Mask.

 This was my first exposure to the mystery genre, wwaaaaayyy back in elementary school, then extended into middle school. People would try to get me into Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys, but I didn’t connect with them. The best part about Boxcar was that they were kids. They were kids and they could figure out anything! They thwarted the evil-minded adults, were better than adults!

 There was no death. I got into death later, when I started reading YA.

 Eventually I stopped reading them because the writing was too simplistic. I recommend them if you haven’t read any of them yet, though I don’t blame you if you put it down because of the writing.

 There was a black hole in my life afterwards, I hole that I tried to fill with Uglies, Hunger Games, and other books, but I was malnourished, suffering a Mystery deficiency until a friend recommended And Then There Were None, by Agatha Christie. Then I got into Sherlock and am slowly reading my way back into a healthy diet.

 It has made me aware of the serious lack of mysteries for teens. WHERE WERE THEY??? Do you know any YA  mysteries? 


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