Harry Potter 20th Anniversary!

On the 26th of June 1997, Harry Potter was released to the general public.

I don’t remember that part; I wasn’t born yet, but apparently this is what it looked like.


I’ll always remember HP as my bedtime stories. I used to have old hardback copies from my sister, but a misguided muggle bought me a new set and they don’t smell as good, nor hold the same warm memories or the tears of love.

That was a really inconsiderate muggle. When I got it, my mother donated the old copies to local bookshelf and now they’re gone.

I have a solution to my problem. I cannot live without writing, and it is logical that writing leads to books and books lead to tours. Should it, I will buy HP from the bookstores until all of my HPs have memories. Not as warm, but still associated with more than nothing.

Happy bookday, Harry. And thank you, Jo, for sticking with him.

What do you remember when you hear “Harry Potter”?


5 thoughts on “Harry Potter 20th Anniversary!

  1. I had this 7 year ritual of eating iced animal crackers while tearing through the newest HP book. Totally random but I found the combination ridiculously satisfying. Like some kind of weird pregnancy craving….but with Harry Potter….

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    1. I consider HP something one would have for desert, with all the Bertie Botts Every Flavor Beans and chocolate frogs. Only I’m vegan and would be terrified of eating a chocolate frog, like I know it’s a spell, but what if they gained consciousness? I’d have pet chocolate frogs and never bring friends over ’cause they’d try to eat them.

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