Books That Prove We Need The Paris Treaty

UnstoppableBill Nye  download

Focused on new green tech and innovative ways to use not-so-techy to preserve water and etc., he dosen’t mention much of anything else, strongly saying that science will take care of everything. Such innovations help, but SHOULD NOT be relied on entirely.

This Changes Everything, Naomi Klein download (1)

This focues entirely on somewhat styreotypical mindsets of different groups, such as inhabitants of the dying island nation Nauru, Republicans and politicans in general. It blames capitalism for climate change, as humans exploit natural resources for profit.

Terra Nova, Eric W. Sanderson download (2)

Oil. The structure of it, what can be done with it, why the U.S. didn’t attack Saudi Arabia when Osama Bin Laden was from there. Why humans became so dependent on oil and how it inflences U.S politics.

The Water Knife, Paolo Bacigalupi download (3)

The only fiction book on this list, and also one of few books I don’t like at all, mostly because the writing was unsuitable for the pace. A semi-terrorist group controls the water in a region and the protagonists are trying to free the water rights.

The Hidden Life Of Trees,  Peter Wohlleben download (4)

This was fascinating! It was slow reading because of all of the information. The forest manager studies all aspects of his forest, individual trees and the root/fungi system. I recomend it to anyone intrested in plants or the life sciences.


On my TBR:  Legacy Of Luna, by Julia Butterfly Hill.  download (5)

Butterfly Hill stayed in Luna, a tree in California’s Humboldt county for two years, starting in oct. of 1999. I’ve always wanted to do a tree-sit, though not for the badgering lumber company that chased Hill up Luna.

Have you read any of these? Do you have any other environmental books to recommend?




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