Dear Moffat (of Sherlock)

I have nothing to do this week. NNUuTTHHIINNGg BOREWD!


 But this is a book blog. A blog about books. Can it be about Sherlock? Can it be a letter to Moffat? You can’t speak right now cause this is not published as I write it so…


Do you know what happens when Sherlock fans get bored? This happens:


But i’m the psychopathic type. I’m sure normal people do something like this:


And the crazy yet calm one do this:



Or they just turn thier book blogs into a Sherlock meme poster.


Or just a general Benidict Cumberbatch meme poster.


The point is, it’s not only your fault that i’m bored. Other people could be entertaining too. But i’m in an intellectual mood and would like a gun so that I could shoot at the walls. Part of that is your fault so you must take responiblity and make season 5 of Sherlock. Are you in agreement? 


And for my dear readers, I will be writing another blog post.1109-when-sherlock-was-14-he-spent-two-entire-days-10942249

And because there was a paragraph, I need to p.s. this:



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