Intriguing Bookly Blogs

Some months bring intriguing blog posts and this month has been most intriguing.  These are mostly bookly blogs, but if you read this you won’t mind. 

TanyaScreams (Hi) Sherlock vs. The Book I have recently become obsessed with Sherlock Holmes, and have little to add to the post. The stories, being from the POV of Watson, are more of a discovery nature than a mystery; had it been from Sherlock’s view the crimes would be solvable because he observes; Watson just sees.

My Bookish Life Ingredients For A Blurb’s Soul I have just come across this blog and found it intriguing. Here’s my response to the prompt, from a mystery I started yesterday.

Stepdaddy’s Blood: Allan (a girl, by the way) has no memories of her stepfather, who died when she was 8 months old. Her beloved spanish teacher encourages her to take a DNA test to resolve some unanswered questions surrounding her birth. Allan and Piero travel to her family’s tranquil ranchero  to answer the mysteries of her blood.

Nut Free Nerd My Personal Canon books have a -to paraphrase Drumpf-TREMENDOUS impact on our worldviews. The Harry Potter gang is like a second family to me, the Boxcar Children opened my world to the intellectually engaging mystery genre, and The Hobbit inspired me to start writing prose.

A Writer’s Path The Future Of Books: Audacious Predictions For the Next 20 Years      I found the idea of self 3D printed books the most intriguing. It would be delicious as a reader, but as a writer I worry that it’ll make it harder to earn a living off of writing.

The Bloggess Human Shish Kabob Because we all need to relax and worry about attic vampires sometimes. 


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