The Middlesteins

May the 4th be with you.


 In book news, I finished The Middlesteins, not a book I would normally read, but as a writer I have to have a varied diet. The Middlesteins are a family that revolves around the extreme eating habits of Eddie, her health and her divorce. But mostly her eating. She eats. Everything falls apart because of it. Her health, obviously, but also her marriage cause Middlestein Sr. can’t bring himself to stick around. He is then ostracized from the family, but is still chronicled by the omniscient narrator, who jumps from person to person, and once, a group. I found it interesting enough to give it 4/5 stars but not interesting enough to tempt me to read more of it’s genre.

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In other news, I just finished the first season of Sherlock for the first time and might die before I get the second.

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