Perks Of Being A Wallflower letter




March 21, 2017

Hello, my friends

 I’ve decided to write like this to give you a sense of the flow of Wallflower instead of a regular review. Wallflower is about high school, about all of the clichés of high school, really. And now it’s been proven that a predictable book of cliches can be a really, really good book. 

Think of your high school. Not the worst part or the best part, but the parts that happened the most, that would normally fade against the sharper memories. Maybe the music you would listen to through your headphones. Wallflower repeatedly mentions music. 

 Was there a guy or girl that you really liked, maybe even loved, but you never really talked to them like your fantasies could materialize. You just talked to them like they were normal people. That’s sort of how Charlie and Sam are, except they’re best friends. 

Maybe this post is stupid. And that’s ok. I didn’t say much, I just tried to write like Charlie does. Did you read it or see the movie? 

 This is my favorite quote:



5 thoughts on “Perks Of Being A Wallflower letter

  1. I love both the book and the movie! I found Charlie to be a really relatable character even though his life couldn’t be more different than mine- I was homeschooled up through high school and I have never been in love with anyone in my life. BUT he is such an authentic depiction of humanity that I couldn’t help but relate to him. I love those characters that on the outside are completely different from me but inside there is something that we share.

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  2. All authors should strive to create characters that are as relatable as Charlie. He goes through experiences a lot of people don’t, and even scorned by some (getting high, but feels life in a way that most do.


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