Book Bind


So. I am currently reading five books. I normally read two or three at a time but circumstances described below occurred around the same time. Would you read a book based on the events that occurred or am I crazy?

Behind The Beautiful Forevers, Katherine Boo- A fellow presenter during a meeting was reading this book and recommended it because one of its’ major characters provided for his family by recycling. 

Why I Write, George Orwell- I found it online when I was looking for books by George Orwell because My school library marked dozens of copies of Animal Farm as “Discard” and I wasn’t allowed to take one even though I clearly love George Orwell a lot more than they do. 

Three Years With The Rat, Jay Hosking- I found it on a blog post that I can’t find again, and good riddance. The sequence of description to plot is too bulky. 

Woman Hollering Creek and Other Stories, Sandra Cisneros- I guy I like let me borrow it. Please help me because I accidently folded the cover and now there’s a crease. I can’t decide whether to give it back and feed him if he notices or buy him another book by the same author when I give Hollering Creek back. Thoughts? Oh, the book is a short story collection by the same author who wrote House on mango street.

Collapse, Jared Diamond- I was discussing the societal collapse of the island nation Nauru when she recommended this.


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