Mrs. President

Warning: politics


If Earth were perfect, Jill Stein would become president this Tuesday, but if Earth were perfect, we wouldn’t need her or Bernie. If you’re seriously considering not voting for the major candidates, vote anyway for Jill, just to say, “We need positive change.”

But consider this: Hillary Clinton is human. An old human, and as we all know, old humans suck with technology. She is careless sometimes, but she has the experience to be president. Obama was 47 when he took office. Bush served as gov’nor of Texas for 5 years after starting oil companies why the F* did you people elect him?!? Bill Clinton was 46.Hillary Clinton is politics. She voted against the Bush tax cuts and drilling in the arctic while senator. This woman is more qualified than these men to be president.

If you still can’t vote, consider this:


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