5 escritor citas

No, the rest of this is not en espanol. I just did es to different it from last week’s post. Sorry about the delay, but I was contibuting to the weekly Anthologia. Eso:


The best literary critic is the one who understands what the author was

unable, for one reason or another, to write; and understanding this, is

able to more appreciatively evaluate what the author was able to achieve.

— PAUL HORGAN, Approaches to Writing


It was not long ago that the prevailing attitude among editors was, “This

book has some problems, but the author is so talented that I’d like to buy

it and work with him.” Today such words are rarely heard. A book with

problems is a book rejected, and more and more one hears editors say,

“Let the author revise, then we’ll decide if we want to buy it.”

— RICHARD CURTIS, literary agent, “Are Editors Necessary?”,

in Editors on Editing, third edition, edited by Gerald Gross


Readers are like sheep. If there’s any gate to the right or left, they’ll take

  1. You must, therefore, always keep them on the path.

— PETER JACOBI, journalism professor, Indiana University


It’s not enough to tell a great story, share an original idea, or create an

intriguing poem; writers are also obligated to pay diligence to the craft…

Bad grammar is a distraction… Each mistake or incorrect construction

will momentarily yank readers out of the story. Sure, they can jump back

in, but it makes for a negative or unpleasant reading experience.

— MELISSA DONOVAN, writing coach, “Ten Grammar Rules

and the Best Writing Practices That Every Writer Should Know,”





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