Library Time

I recently got a new internship libraryat the library! Books! Leisure! Relaxed oafs! Writing time!…Uh, no. The only thing accurate is the Books! part. Librarians work at a very odd pace. It goes by fast enough for only a few handful-of-minutes breaks, but slow enough to look like we’re doing nothing.

I planned for the magical hardly-work-at-all pace. I have a short story that’s due this week, and confidently planned it to coincide with my shifts at the library. I was going to write the details of the last scene’s setting and/or the skeletons of 3 other settings.

I wrote nothing.

O.K., that’s a lie, but it was notes about the job. Doesn’t count for my current story.

What I did do was laminate book covers. You take the lamination paper, put the book two squares from the bottom and two squares from the side, turn the book over, measure it from that side, cut the paper, peel off half, or one book side, of the lamination paper. put the book under the sticky side. Use a blue edge thing, or a ruler, to press the paper over the book… oh, look it up.

That was my morning. After lunch I took the cart down to the main floor, shoveled our books and movies onto the cart, then rolled  it onto the elevator, and got off on our floor.

That was refreshing.

Then the rest of my shift was spent displaying, shelving, and straightening out the books. I got into a manga battles with two boys who didn’t think that organized shelves are nice. They thought that it’s nice if books are on top of each other and cast over the chairs.

Kind of like me at home. Don’t tell my boss that.

I’ll adjust. Hopefully. If my favorite teachers couldn’t stop me from writing. then my job probably won’t. And it ends in August anyway. I’ll pray for the sweet August free time, I’ll pray that I won’t go crazy from doing nothing after this grueling internship.


3 thoughts on “Library Time

    1. There’s something a bit different everyday so it varies. The first day was an all around duty tour, which was fairly pleasant but the second day I didn’t get to do much but laminate…Crazy. I’ll go crazy if I sit and laminate for that long again. Fortunately things are sort of looking up. Try to get your chores mixed up so you’re doing fun things along with the boring, but necessary chores.


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