How Objects Tell Your Story

Some objects define a person, like Han Solo’s Millennium Falcon and Harry Potter’s Firebolt or Nimbus 2000. They say that that person has got to be nearby. as was pointed out to me today When a friend asked “Hey where where you? We thought you were dead.” “I was dead. How’d you know?” “We saw the garlic bread and thought that if there was frickin’ garlic bread around, you would be in the area, but you weren’t, and it turned out that you actually were dead.”
But it doesn’t have to be a physical object. It could also be a color, like yellow is associated with the sun, or like the violence associated with Trump rallies.

A Writer's Path

Teddy Bear

by Mindy Halleck 

In 2011,I embarked on one of the harshest undertakings; I placed what I thought was the final draft of my novel in a drawer for one year. Why? Because, as I told others in my most knowledgeable author voice, “A writer needs distance from their material before editing and rewriting.”

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