5 Writing Prompts From a Prompt Collector

IMG_2133[1]One of my friends recently asked me to choose a prompt from Wild Mind, a book about writing in general, to share with our class. I choose #1 (shown paraphrased). This got me thinking about prompts that I’ve stored on notecards and put in a bag. I drew out the remaining four from this bag.

  1. Write a list of words you like, disregarding the definition and focusing on the sound and beauty of the words. (innovated) Write a story, poem, etc., using your list. Include verbs. Answer the How, When, Where, and Why.
  2. Pick a story from a news source about an outrageous or terrible event. Write about it from the POV of a politician, scientist, etc., from a calm perspective that sees it as a necessary event.
  3. Then write about a trivial matter such as the dog barking, the tea being a bit too hot, etc., with a tone of complete outrage.
  4. Write quickly about a bad travel experience you’ve had. Make yourself part of the problem.
  5. (Good for learning vocab) Choose two completely unrelated words, such as coalesce: combine, fuse and colloquial: casual speech. Connect them in some way while using them in a form of expression.

I’ve collected prompts from various sources, including the book Spilling Ink and the internet. I haven’t read it, but The Idea Factory by Ryan Lanz may also be a good source. A great book that don’t have prompts but  is great for thinking about character development with mythological examples- and was an inspiration to George Lucas while creating Star Wars- is Hero Of A Thousand Faces, by Joseph Campbell.

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