Scenes From Nature

Sitting on the bus a really long time
Sitting reading a book
But sometimes it's nice
To be dropped
off by a friend 
Near the deep blue lake

Head down to the shore
Watch the birds dive and
Swim in cold water
Lapping about your top
Feathers rustling in the 
Breeze cooling off the
Hot sun itching up

Your skin as 
Your right hand 
Plunges through a 
hole, Disturbing a
Softly sticky spider 
web, With your left 
hand waving in the 
air,Grasping at 
nothing, trying to
Lift you 
up after you
Trip, fall
over a piece of stupid, 
Bloody cement, What's
it doing in the 
Middle of the 
Oh gross, there's a
Dead fly in the center of
Your palm from the 
Web, Now you see the 
Tiny spider Crawling
down the 

Tiny hole, Not quite 
A cave, dirt runs down as 
someone crosses the Bridge
Above, dusty, it
gets in your nose, you
Sneeze, the
Ragweed not 
Helping, you Wish

It would rain 
a Gentle rain in the
Dead of a 
California Winter, remember,
A thousand years 
ago, the Blissfully
Gentle Rain, not so
light as to drive you 
Crazy, nor harshly
Blowing down like
It was two thousand
Years ago
When you didn't 
Know you could 

Run, run, You're
free, go where no human 
Has gone, No path before
You, Run, you are 

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